Newletters (October 2019)

Message from Our New Dean, Professor Lutz-Christian Wolff

Dear Alumni,

As many of you may know, I have taken up the CUHK LAW Deanship as of October this year. This is a great honor for me and I am looking forward to working with all of you in the years to come.

Despite the fact that many of you know me because you are my former students, please allow me to briefly introduce myself:

I grew up in the beautiful German countryside, was a very passionate basketball player as a youngster and a dedicated short story writer when I got a bit older. I studied law in Germany at Passau University where it was also possible to join special language programmes. One of my father’s friends suggested that I should study Chinese which – as he put it – would “open any door in the future”. This was in 1981 and he was quite right, although he may not have thought about the door to the CUHK LAW Dean’s office.

After the second year of my law studies I went to study in Shanghai at Fudan University for one year. Two years after my return to Germany I graduated followed by further study, work and research stays in Taiwan, New York and Beijing. During this time I finished my first PhD on the Chinese labor contract system of 1986.

After the Second Legal State Examination I started to work as a lawyer before I went back to my alma mater to get my second PhD (Dr. iur. habil.) which you need in Germany in order to teach law. After I had finished this major piece I was recruited to join international law firms again first in Frankfurt and then in Hong Kong. In 2004 I got admitted to the roll of solicitors (England & Wales). I became one of the founding members of CUHK LAW (then: the CUHK School of Law) in 2005.

The past 14 years at CUHK have been just great. I have worked with wonderful students, done pioneering research and I have been given the chance to make major contributions to the University administration as the Dean of the CUHK Graduate School from 2014 to 2019.

Since its establishment in 2005 CUHK LAW has moved from strength to strength. We are successful last but not least because we have great students and graduates who support us. Thanks to Richard Morris, our Associate Dean (Alumni and Professional Affairs), and his team the Faculty’s alumni work is now getting the attention it deserves. In the years to come we hope to expand our alumni activities. As reported in this newsletter, in October 2019 we held the first ever CUHK LAW alumni event outside Hong Kong in Beijing. We had a wonderful evening. It was very touching to see so many of our old students again and to hear how they have been and what they are doing now. The event also showed how important it is to stay connected, to support each other and to have fun together.

Hong Kong is currently going through a very challenging period. But, we are CUHK LAW! And I trust that this is a perfect basis for moving forward together even in difficult times.

Enjoy the newsletter and please stay in touch.

Dean of the Faculty of Law & Wei Lun Professor of Law

Message from the Associate Dean for Alumni and Professional Affairs

Welcome to our new Dean and farewell to Chris Gane. Before he left, and in the light of events over the last few months, Chris wrote these wise words for this newsletter:

“We must all try to promote peaceful and respectful dialogue for without that there is no way forward. We all have a role to play in promoting this dialogue, and I hope that communication with and between our alumni can contribute to the process of finding a new and better future for Hong Kong.”

Thank you Chris.

In this Newsletter you will find details of the many events, conferences, seminars and other happenings over the past months. Alumni are invited to all the conferences and seminars and it’s very pleasing that many of you often show up.

I made a particular plea at the LLM Reception in May. We hope, over the years, to develop alumni “chapters” in cities throughout the world, so that you stay in touch with one another, and with us, and so that when any member of Faculty visits any of those cities he or she can get together with members of the “chapter”. But we need your help for this: first, for you to remain in contact with others in your city, and second, to let us know about it so that we can keep in contact. Please do the needful, as they say.

We have made a very splendid start on the Beijing chapter with the event on 13 October, details of which follow.

The most momentous events recently have been the departure of our Dean, Professor Christopher Gane, at the end of September, and the arrival of our new Dean, Professor Lutz-Christian Wolff, to take over the helm.

Chris Gane became our Dean in the Autumn of 2011. We are very grateful for all Chris has done for the Faculty and very sorry to lose him. He will take on the role of Emeritus Professor, so we may see him here from time to time; we hope so. We wish Chris and his lovely wife Christine (who joined Chris at so many Faculty events) all the very best for the future.

Sad though we may be to lose Chris, we are gaining a very worthy successor. We wish Lutz the best of luck in his new position and can be sure that with him at its head the Faculty will continue to flourish. For more information on Lutz please click here.

Associate Dean for Alumni and Professional Affairs

Alumni Events

Law Alumni Cocktail Reception in Beijing
13 October 2019

On 13 October, the Faculty hosted the first CUHK LAW Alumni Cocktail Reception in Beijing. Over 100 alumni registered for the event to meet the new Dean of Law, Professor Lutz-Christian Wolff, and mingled with Faculty members, Professors Dennis Hie and Chao Xi, and other CUHK LAW alumni. At the Reception, Dean Wolff delivered a warm welcome address. He shared the vision of the Faculty and encouraged CUHK LAW alumni to join hands with the Faculty to capture opportunities and to prepare for a successful future.

Law Alumni Mid-Autumn Dinner 2019
6 September 2019

On 6 September, the Faculty hosted the second CUHK LAW Alumni Mid-Autumn Dinner at the Lippo Chiuchow Restaurant, Central. Over 60 alumni and faculty members attended this festive and cozy gathering and took the opportunity to catch up with their ‘old’ friends and students. The dinner began with welcome remarks by Mr. Richard Morris, Associate Dean for Alumni and Professional Affairs, followed by speeches from Professor Christopher Gane, Current Dean of Law, and Professor Lutz-Christian Wolff, Incoming Dean of Law. The Faculty would like to thank all alumni for coming along, and looks forward to their participation at all future alumni gatherings.

Master of Laws (LLM) End of Year Reception 2019
11 May 2019

The end-of-year cocktail reception for LLM students took place at the CUHK Graduate Law Centre on 11 May. The event offered a valuable and less formal occasion for students of the four LLM programmes (Chinese Business Law, Common Law, Energy and Environmental Law, and International Economic Law) to catch up with their fellow classmates and teachers before graduation. It was an opportunity for CUHK LAW to wish our graduating LLM students success in their future endeavors.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) Graduation Dinner 2019
4 May 2019

The Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) Graduation Dinner, which was the farewell and celebration for the Class of 2019, was held on 4 May at Renaissance Harbour View Hotel. The Graduation Dinner was well-attended with over 110 participants coming from both the Faculty and the student body. The Guest of Honour for the Dinner was The Honourable Mr. Justice Kevin Zervos of the Court of Appeal, who made a keynote speech that was inspiring and encouraging. In addition to the speech given by Justice Zervos, the event also featured a number of great musical performances performed by several Faculty members, including Faculty Dean, Professor Christopher Gane, PCLL Programme Director Mr. Christopher Knight, Mr. Richard Morris, Mr. Matthew Cheung, and some students. The Graduation Dinner was very well-received, and it was a great opportunity for the graduates and their teachers to come together to celebrate the milestone of the PCLL graduates’ career.

The Graduate Law Students Association (GLSA) Gala Dinner 2019
16 March 2019

Smooth jazz, sweet aromas from delicious foods, and clicking sounds of cameras. On 16 March, the Graduate Law Students Association (“GLSA”) held its Gala Dinner at the Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers in Tsim Sha Tsui. Mr. Alan Leong SC was the guest speaker and delivered a memorable speech encouraging students to become future servants of the law. Several Faculty members also joined the festivities along with some alumni.

Students Alex Chan (singer and pianist) and Daisy Xu (zitherist) gave excellent performances. Students, professors, and alumni all joined in a mass charade themed on legal terms.

We had a historically high attendance this year and it was a most enjoyable evening for all.

Law Alumni Cocktail Reception 2019
25 January 2019

On 25 January the Faculty hosted a cocktail reception at the Garden Lounge of the Hong Kong Club. Many alumni and other guests attended, the latter being those who had helped the Faculty in some significant way(s) over the years and 18 members of the Faculty. George Chan, an LLB alum, and Keith Cheung, a JD alum, both gave addresses along with our Dean, Professor Christopher Gane. The Guest of Honour was Dr. Simon Ip, on whom a 4th Honorary Doctorate had recently been conferred by CUHK. Dr. Ip is a former Legco member, President of the Law Society, and Chairman of both the Hong Kong Club and the Jockey Club. He gave a most inspiring address.

The evening was very convivial and a great opportunity for a lot of catching up. This was the second such reception, was a great success, and we propose to keep it going in the years to come.

The 85th Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees and the Master’s Degree (2017-18) Graduation Ceremony
15 & 17 November 2018

The 85th Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees was held on 15 November, with over 570 Master’s Degree of Law and 75 Bachelor’s Degree of Law conferred. Moreover, the Master’s Degree (2017-2018) Graduation Ceremony was held on 17 November. The Ceremony was attended by over 1,200 graduates, their families and friends. Mr. Vincent Connor, Partner and Head of Hong Kong Office of Pinsent Masons, was also invited as the Guest of Honour of the Ceremony.

Other Faculty Events

BBA-JD Students Gathering 2019
18 September 2019

Around 40 students from the BBA-JD Double Degree Programme (BBA-JD) joined the event at the CUHK Graduate Centre on 18 September. The event started off with a welcome note by Mr. Elliot Fung, JD Programme Director and also the BBA-JD Programme Co-Director, followed by the speech of the alumni guest speakers (including Ms. Candy Au on the right) who shared their advice with the students. The evening was enjoyed by all participants where the students met and chatted with the academic members and the guest speakers at the Reception.

Legal Implications of the Platform Economy Workshop II
16 September 2019

The “Legal Implications of the Platform Economy Workshop II” co-hosted by the CUHK LAW, the HKU Law and the CityU Law was successfully held on 16 September at the CUHK Graduate Law Centre. This workshop was one of the two events on law and the platform economy funded under the Eurasia-Pacific Uninet (EPU) programme in Austria. The Workshop I was held in Danube-University Krems Austria on 24 June, followed by the Workshop II at CUHK.

2019 Hong Kong Law Fair
7 September 2019

CUHK LAW participated as one of the exhibitors at the 2019 Hong Kong Law Fair held on 7 September at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Over a hundred participants visited our booth to obtain information of respective peogrammes offered by CUHK LAW and talked with the Faculty members and the Director of Career Planning and Professionalism about their interest in legal studies, student internships and graduate opportunities.

2019 Orientation for New Postgraduate Students
31 August 2019

CUHK LAW welcomed our new postgraduate students at the Orientation Day which was held on 31 August at CUHK Shatin Main Campus. The event started off by a Welcome Lunch where over 250 new JD, LLM and PCLL students from Hong Kong and overseas met the Faculty Dean, the Programme Directors and other Faculty members. The Lunch was followed by the Programme Induction where the students learnt more about their respective programmes and the learning experience shared by our students and graduates. The Orientation Day was concluded by a bus tour around the beautiful CUHK Main Campus.

The 11th IP Conference “Best Practices in Turbulent Times”
1 – 3 August 2019

The 11th IP Conference “Best Practices in Turbulent Times” and the pre-conference workshop co-organised by CUHK Law, United States-China Intellectual Property Institute (USCIPI) and Asia Innovation and IP Society (AIIPS) was successfully held on 1-3 August at the CUHK Graduate Law Centre.

Speakers include policymakers, business leaders, prominent practitioners, and distinguished academics. This event attracted over 170 participants, who learned various aspects of IP.

Inaugural Seminar – “International Dispute Resolution: Reflections and Redirections”
22 July 2019

On 22 July, CUHK LAW and the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) co-organised an inaugural seminar on “International Dispute Resolution: Reflections and Redirections” at the CUHK Graduate Law Centre to celebrate the establishment of BIICL’s first office based in Asia.

The inaugural seminar consisted of two sessions on “International Arbitration – civil law, common law or Sui Generis?” and “Investment Arbitration – Issues and Insights” with speakers from Hong Kong, Australia and the United Kingdom.

A signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between CUHK and BIICL also took place before the inaugural seminar.

The Sir T.L. Yang Society High Table Dinner 2019
17 May 2019

The Sir T.L. Yang Society High Table Dinner was held at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Happy Valley Racecourse on 17 May. It brought together around 180 students, academic staff and Distinguished Professional Mentors (DPMs) who celebrated with students completing their first year of study and bade farewell to the graduating class. Year one students were also introduced to their DPMs. The highlight of the dinner was the High Table address by our guest speaker, Ms. Lilian Chiang, Senior Partner of Deacons.

Symposium on Global Constitutionalism: Asia-Pacific Perspectives
28 – 29 March 2019

On 28-29 March, CUHK Faculty of Law hosted a Symposium on “Global Constitutionalism: Asia-Pacific Perspectives.” The Symposium brought together a diverse group of scholars to discuss how polities in the Asia-Pacific region respond to the global spread of ideas and institutions of constitutionalism, and why they respond in a certain way. The Symposium featured the keynote speaker, Professor Cheryl Saunders, Laureate Professor Emeritus at Melbourne Law School and President Emeritus of the International Association of Constitutional Law, who explored the extent to which if at all, the very concept of a constitution is undergoing change in the conditions of globalisation with particular reference to Asia. Participants explored the interrelated global, transnational, and local aspects of constitution-making, judicial review, and scholarly discourse with reference to East Asia (mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea), Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam), South Asia (Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka), and the Pacific states (Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu).

Students from the Master of Laws in Energy and Environmental Law Programme Visit to Guangdong Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station
12 March 2019

A group of 34 CUHK LAW students, led by Prof. Anatole Boute and Prof. Zhang Hao, visited the Guangdong Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station on 12 March. The students had a great opportunity to attend briefing on the nuclear power generation and training of plant operators. Students could also see different display models of reactors, fuel assemblies and Daya Bay.

Faculty of Law Scholarships and Prizes Presentation Ceremony 2019
6 March 2019

The Faculty of Law held the Scholarships and Prizes Presentation Ceremony on 6 March at CUHK Graduate Law Centre to present over 100 scholarships and prizes to LLB, JD, LLM and PCLL students and graduates. Donors, Faculty members, families and friends of the recipients attended the Ceremony to share their wonderful academic achievements.

Conference on Towering Judges
25 – 26 January 2019

The Towering Judges Conference, which took place on 25-26 January at the CUHK Graduate Law Centre, brought together a diverse group of scholars to discuss the phenomenon of judges who, within their particular institutional and political settings, were able to transform their constitutional systems. The conference opened with a Keynote Address from the Hon. Mr. Justice Kemal Bokhary, Non-Permanent Judge of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal. Over the course of two days, towering judges from the following jurisdictions were discussed: Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Singapore, South Africa, Hungary, Vietnam, Chile, Israel, the United States, Canada and Australia. Participants considered, among others, these issues: (1) Why do we tend to find towering figure judges in moments of constitutional and democratic change in some countries and not others; (2) how effective are towering figure judges in promoting democratic consolidation and in effectuating constitutional change; (3) can we find examples of towering figure judges that have had a detrimental effect on democratic change, either by using the wrong tactics, producing political backlash, or by actively promoting reactionary or anti-liberal ideas; (4) what kind of legacy do towering figure judges leave, and do their achievements carry on to a second generation of judges.

Postgraduate Information Day
1 December 2018

The Postgraduate Information Day was held on 1 December at the CUHK Graduate Law Centre. Around 200 prospective students attended the seminar on the JD, the PCLL, and the LLM programmes delivered by the programme directors to learn about the programme features and the admission requirements and to meet the Faculty Dean, academic staff, current students and graduates.

Greater China Legal History Seminar Series 2019-20

Since 2014, the Faculty has been holding the seminar series “Greater China Legal History” at the Graduate Law Centre in Central.

Organised by Professor Lutz-Christian Wolff, Faculty Dean and Wei Lun Professor of Law, and Professor Steven Gallagher, this has become the most successful seminar series in the Faculty’s history. The series aims to serve as a forum to discuss the historical development of a great variety of legal issues of interest in the Greater China region. Previous topics have included: Small House Policy; Unjust Enrichment in Hong Kong, China and Germany; Confucianism and Chinese Law; America’s China Spymaster; Chinese shipwrecks and treasure hunters; and, the Development of Legal Compliance in Hong Kong. Speakers have included academics from all three Hong Kong law schools, other academic disciplines and expert practitioners from Hong Kong, the mainland and abroad.

To celebrate the fifth anniversary year, the Faculty is pleased to announce seminars by distinguished speakers on topics to include:
Mutilating Corporal Punishments and Theories of Punishment in Traditional Chinese Legal Thought”;
The Evolution of the Small House Policy in Hong Kong’s New Territories”;
China’s Engagement with Public International Law in its Historical Context”;
“Law and Slavery in the South China Sea”;
“From Matriarch to Mediator: The Roots of Hong Kong Mediation Practice”; and,
“The Origins of Hong Kong’s Basic Law”.

The first two seminars have already been conducted earlier at our Graduate Law Centre. Details of the upcoming “Greater China Legal History” seminars 2019-20 can be found here. Alumni are very welcome. Eligible practitioners may also gain CPD points (subject to accreditation by the Hong Kong Law Society).

Watch the videos of the “Greater China Legal History” seminars here.

Details of all Faculty’s events recap can be found here

Updates from Careers Office

During the 2018/19 academic year we have endeavoured to move up a gear at the Careers Office, with a number of additional services to supplement the core programme which we have developed over the last 4-5 years. As well as our regular series of careers seminars and other events, and the information we provide on the Virtual Careers Resource Centre, we have made greater efforts to maintain contacts and exchange information with potential employers of our students through targeted mailshots and follow-up with all of Hong Kong’s law firms and barristers’ chambers, along with other potential employers in the legal services market. This has led to a much greater response, mainly from the local law firms with whom we have in the past found difficulty in developing relationships, and the consequent listing of a much greater number of training contract opportunities than before. This initiative has been necessary in light of feedback from students who feel that, in the absence of any clearing house in Hong Kong for training contracts and mini-pupillages, they are faced with a “needle in the haystack” exercise in trying to find a place in the 800 or so local law firms and smaller sets of chambers.

In the coming year we propose to run a parallel initiative to facilitate the search for paralegal positions, which are much sought after by a number of our graduating LLM students who often wish to bolster their (mostly) mainland career prospects by adding Hong Kong work experience to their CVs. Again, in the absence of any established forum for the marketing of such vacancies, these job applicants otherwise currently have little choice but to write “blind” to a large number of firms in the hope of finding a position.

Additionally, in order to assist those in applying for internships to the larger local and international law firms, we have provided a much greater number of opportunities for one-on-one targeted career preparation, both for CVs and interviews as well as for meeting the demands of the increasingly sophisticated recruitment methods employed by these firms. This is supplemented by the availability of follow-up “surgeries” to help students target the firms or chambers most suited to their individual academic and personal skill level, recognising the increasing importance of both the use of behavioural questioning by recruiters and the disruptive effect of new technology on career choices.

One side-effect of technology has been the entry into the legal services market of a number of alternative service providers (ASPs) with a career path that is somewhat different from that in traditional law firms. Recognising these firms and evaluating their suitability as a career option has presented a new challenge. But one of the counter-intuitive results of the relentless march of technology into the legal services field has also been the even greater emphasis upon the need for personal and professional skills in candidates for legal jobs which, as mentioned in the last newsletter, presents a particular hurdle in Hong Kong where the local education system still largely fails to promote the necessary confidence and character-building skills that are required to meet this challenge.

Once again our heartfelt thanks to those who have participated in the past year in our Distinguished Professional Mentor (DPM) and alumni mentoring schemes. For those who are confused about this I should remind you that the DPM scheme caters for our LLB students alone, and generally comprises more senior lawyers, whereas the alumni mentoring programme is available to all students, with mentors come from our ever-growing cohort of Law Faculty alumni with varying levels of workplace experience. If you would like to sign up as a DPM then please contact Mr. Richard MORRIS at Mentorship via the alumni programme is open to all and can be accessed by logging in to the platform at with alumni email and password.

Director of Career Planning and Professionalism

Welcome to Our New Staff Members

Professor Fernando DIAS SIMÕESAssociate Professor

Fernando DIAS SIMÕES is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of the Chinese University of Hong Kong since January 2019. Before joining CUHK, Professor Dias Simões taught for 14 years in universities in Macau and Portugal; in addition, he practiced in a major law firm and served as in-house counsel to a water concessionaire company in his native Portugal. His research interests include international adjudication (in particular, commercial and investment arbitration), investment law, and comparative contract law. He holds a PhD from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), an LLM from the University of Glasgow (United Kingdom) and a Bachelor degree from the University of Coimbra (Portugal). He is Senior Research Fellow at the University Institute of European Studies (Italy); Member of the Scientific Committee and Senior Research Associate at gLAWcal – Global Law Initiatives for Sustainable Development (United Kingdom); member of the Asia WTO Research Network (AWRN); and Rapporteur for the Oxford International Organizations – OXIO (Oxford University Press and Manchester International Law Centre). Read more…

Mr. Arthur LEEProfessional Consultant

Arthur Lee joined the faculty as a Professional Consultant after almost 10 years of practice in Chancery and Commercial law, having a strong interest in claims involving unjust enrichment and trusts, and is experienced in dealing in claims relating to fiduciary duties, as well as those concerning third party liability.

In addition, he is also very experienced in criminal litigation in the Magistrate’s courts and is regularly briefed to prosecute as well as defend a wide range of offences.

He currently teaches Unjust Enrichment, Company Law, and various litigation-related courses on the PCLL. Read more…

Mr. Ian LEEProfessional Consultant

I joined the CUHK Faculty of Law on a full-time basis starting this school year. I was excited at the prospect of returning to my old school but at the same time, had a lot of trepidation on whether I was up to the challenge. Fortunately, I already knew some of the colleagues who were either my teacher or were part of the administrative team which provided immense support to us when we were studying at the GLC many, many years ago. During the first month, many of the colleagues, no matter if I knew them before or not, made me feel very welcomed, showed me the ropes and helped me settle-in very quickly.

It didn’t take long for me to see that they are all very dedicated in their work, and are experts in their own fields. What I found surprising was, despite their busy schedules, they still took time to improve their teaching, to build a rapport with their students, and to support them in their studies as well as their career development.

Undoubtedly, the most interest part (so far) was teaching the classes, coming in close encounter with the students. I didn’t know what to expect, whether they would come to class, whether they will return after attending my first class etc. Fortunately, they did return, and I am glad to report that they are all very keen learners. Reading the court cases each week, and asking very challenging questions.

Overall, it has been a good start in this new chapter of my life, and I look forward to emulating my teachers/colleagues in training quality graduates who are recognised not only for their technical excellence, but also for their professionalism and leadership qualities. Read more…

Prof. Mira MALAGODIAssistant Professor

Professor Malagodi holds her PhD, MA, and BA from SOAS (London). She is a leading comparative constitutional lawyer and socio-legal scholar with a linguistically-informed specialism in South Asian law, human rights law, gender and law, legal history, and law and film. She is the author of the monograph Constitutional Nationalism and Legal Exclusion in Nepal (Oxford University Press, 2013). Professor Malagodi is a non-practising barrister in England and Wales, a scholar of the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, and an expert on the iProbono and ROLE UK rosters. She has worked as an external consultant for various United Nations agencies and taught at the Diplomatic Academy of the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office. She is an award-winning documentary filmmaker trained at EICTV in Cuba; she won the Best Short Doc Award at the 2015 Raindance Film Festival for her film Walking through Havana. Read more…

Prof. Christopher ROBERTS, Assistant Professor

Prior to joining CUHK, Professor Roberts was a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute, in Florence, Italy. His research focuses on public international law, human rights, and, most recently, the historical evolution of public order laws in Britain and the British Empire. In addition to his academic work, Professor Roberts has worked with several international organizations, including the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, the United Nations Children’s Fund, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, the International Federation for Human Rights, and many others. Professor Roberts obtained a JD and a JSD from New York University School of Law, and is admitted to practice before the New York State bar. Read more…

Prof. Hao ZHANG, Assistant Professor

Prof. Zhang received his PhD from Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne in Australia. He teaches energy law and Chinese law and his research interests are primarily in the fields of Chinese energy law, climate law and comparative environmental law. He is currently working on the legal issues surrounding the green economic transition in China (i.e. renewable energy, electrification and emissions trading), as well as China’s energy sector reform. He has published several articles on these topics with some of the leading journals in the fields, such as Energy Policy, Journal of Environmental Law and Transnational Environmental Law. He serves as an associate editor for the journal, Climate Law. Read more…

Part-time Teachers

Mr. Andrew LAU teaches LAWS2110 Administrative Law on the Bachelor of Laws programme and LAWS6020 Principles of Administrative Law on the Juris Doctor programme.

Ms. Therese TSANG teaches LAWS5003 Property and Probate Practice on the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws programme and LAWS4130 Conveyancing on the Bachelor of Laws programme.

Recent Alumni Achievements
  1. Bar Scholarship
    Mr. Eugene Kwan, LLB 2017, BCL (Oxon.) 2018, PCLL 2019

  2. CFA Judicial Assistant Appointments – 4 out of 6!
    Mr. Pierce Lai, LLB 2015, PCLL 2016
    Ms. Tiffany Yau, LLB 2017, PCLL 2018, BCL (Oxon.) 2019
    Ms. Emily Ting, JD 2017, PCLL 2018
    Ms. Noel Chan, LLB 2016, PCLL 2017, LLM (UCL)2018

  3. Cambridge LLMs
    Mr. Billy Liu, LLB 2019Mr. Joshua Yeung, LLB 2019

Congratulations to all of you!

There must be many more achievers amongst you. Please let us know so we can broadcast them. Don’t be shy!

Contributions from Alumni

In each edition of the Alumni Newsletter we hope to report some news about alumni, marriages, births etc and to feature alumni who have attained notable achievements, appeared in the law reports or have an interesting story to tell. We welcome any suggestions or contributions that any of you may have. We only have one entry for this issue so we really do need you to be more proactive, please!

Foster YIM (JD 2009 & PCLL 2010)
Barrister-at-law, Liberty Chambers

On 24 April 2019, I was invited to give a talk on “A. I. in Legal Translation” to the postgraduate students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. Being a CUHK student for more than 7 years (MSc in Marketing, JD and PCLL), I have a profound mixed feeling towards this one-day SZ trip.

The CUHK (SZ) is located at Longgang District. From LoWu station, it took around 35 minutes car drive. Instead of maintaining an open campus policy like its counterpart in Hong Kong, there are checks and gates for cars and people. Once I stepped into the campus, I could see a mirror image of our Shatin Campus — from iconic statue such as the ‘Four Stone Pillars’ to buildings’ style and pattern such as the ‘Million Road’ all have been faithfully replicated (save for the ideology behind the ‘Four Stone Pillars’). Naturally, this gave me a home coming feeling.


The classroom which I delivered the talk resembles the style of the in-town MBA centre in the Bank of America Tower Admiralty. Sharp at the starting hour, all students had already been arrived. My talk was centralized on one theme — given by the (data & market) size difference in Mainland China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the potential of artificial intelligence applications, such as simultaneous transcription and translation (for arbitral awards), in the legal industry is very promising across the border; further, the governmental supports and the tech culture are also stronger in PRC than in HKSAR. If one wanted to build a legaltech startup (or even groom a unicorn), SZ is definitely one of the best options to consider!”